NORA 2.0

Is a groundbreaking VST Phrase Editor that utilizes piano roll-like grid advanced editing tools to easily create MIDI phrase

A VST polyphonic arpeggiator with DAW technology that allows the creation of solo melodies and rhythmic basslines

Nora is a pattern based arpeggiator / phrase sequencer that is designed to allow the creation of solo melodies, rhythmic basslines, or stabs.

It employs the workflow of a DAW for a creative, simple and quick edition with a complete integration among the modules. Nora can be sequenced by either a linear manner or by patterns triggered by MIDI.

Thanks to its polyphonic piano-roll technology and its real-time effects, Nora gives the user complete control over the arpeggiator pattern (note-length, overlapping notes/chords, velocities, spaces between notes, etc.)

It supports up to eight simultaneous tracks, each of them with an arpeggiator engine and individual settings, like MIDI routing.

Nora's MIDI engine has been re-designed from scratch to offer more precision at the sample-level. This way, Nora produces an output that is loyal to the input, without perceptible latency.

Moreover, it supports two operation modes: "Free", a mode in which output notes are always in line with input chords, and "Static", in which input chords are adapted to the notes of Nora, resulting in smoother changes.


Sample accurate engine.

Complete real-time edition.

Edit up to 5 octaves and 5 notes per octave.

8 tracks with 8 independent arpeggiators.

Playlist module: It allows each track being sequenced in two ways: As a classic DAW, or as a Pattern Chainer.

Pattern editor with 24 pattern per track.

2 pattern-changing modes, controllable via MIDI: 'In queue', a mode in which each pattern waits for its turn to start playing and, 'instant' in which the change is played immediately, maintaining the synchrony with the DAW.

Real-time quantizer with user-defined patterns.

Randomizer engine that includes 2 random phrase generators and 2 mutators.

Real-time velocity randomization.

Two clock modes: It can work in synchrony with DAW or as a classic arpeggiator.

More than 1200 presets.

Play speed settings.

MIDI rhythm import.

Realtime MIDI output recording.

Automatic mouse helpers to ease edition with small notes.

Very low CPU usage

Includes the NoraHarm plugin for free, an Harmonizer

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NORA 2.0

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